Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Kadooment Day!

It's Grand Kadooment Day in Barbados. Kadooment Day is the grand finale to Crop Over Festival, our carnival. Crop Over Festival, started in the 1780's and revived in the 1940's, signifies the end of the sugar cane harvest, or the end of the crop season (crop is over). A kadooment is a big "to do", the last day of Crop Over Festival.

Crop Over Festival is normally five (that's f.i.v.e.!) weeks long from the first Monday in July to the first Monday in August. These days the festivities start in May! That, my friends, is about 14 (fourteen) weeks! That's a long festival season. But we like it. :) During Crop Over we have fairs, calypso/soca competitions, a kiddie costume parade, arts & crafts festivals, heritage festivals, outdoor markets, all kinds of shows, dances, and music everywhere.

Now for the big parade, in the rain (as usual, it seems). Today (Kadooment Day) you'll see lots of band members (paraders) in elaborate costumes jumping (parading) in big bands playing the latest music. It is a sight to see. You'll see people of every nationality, colour (I had to spell that the Bajan way), creed, belief, age, and even visitors from different countries jumping in a band.

I'll be there! Will you? You got your costume? Which band are you jumping in? :) Well, I'm not jumping this year. I did once and it was a great experience. No, I will not show you my picture in costume. Well, if you're not here this year, make sure you contact us at Bridgetown Travel for Crop Over Festival 2011. Plans are already underway, so call us so you don't let next year miss you! Wait...don't call today, though. ;)

Pictures later.