Sunday, December 16, 2007

Inner Workings of MLK :)

Hi there,

Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings. Hope your holiday (if celebrated) was a good one.

This is my first blog entry. I'm doing this because I have so much in my mind at all times and I was told (by a professional) that it was better to put it down on paper, which gets things off your mind and helps you sleep. Hhhhhmmmm.... It could be more because I like to talk and now I have a captive audience. (Evil grin!)

By the way...I hate blogs, but have come to the realization that blogs can be a smart and subtle business marketing tool. So for those folks out there who just looooove goes... Oh...if you'd like a blog for your Web site, check us out at Magnet Technology Systems where you'll get to blog for free with the purchase of a Web hosting account.

I'm currently working on some new (but mostly old) business ideas. As a classic entrepreneur, it's hard to stick with just one business. That is just not me and I'd really go nuts if I had to do only one monotonous thing. (For all my instructors and mentors at WIBO, don't worry. I've got my time management plans and goal setting in motion). I've always been interested in and have worked in many different business areas: technology, travel, creative, real estate, medical, you name it. My personality is varied...sometimes too varied...but that's me! For instance, I just completed a Commercial Real Estate Appraisal teleconference today (which totally blew my mind...thanks, David!), and right after that, a webinar on Professional Accreditation and Goal Setting for travel agencies. Go figure! My sister, Ruby, says I am a glutton for punishment. She's right, but I love it! However, I am mainly focused (how do you like that: mainly focused) on one thing, which is my travel agency, Above the Clouds Travel.

Above the Clouds Travel (my first love): My travel agency has been my main focus for some time. I'm currently working on a dedicated Web page/site for Disney travel, as well as expanding my honeymoon & destination wedding travel programs. Be sure to take a look at our Events Calendar on the Web site.

Stay tuned for more ramblings. I must sleep!


Margaret L. King
Above the Clouds Travel