Sunday, February 24, 2008

Small Business Camp - Day 2 - February 24, 2008

I am so psyched to be sitting right here in the mist of the Small Business Bootcamp - right in the middle of all the excitement. You can feel it in the air; everyone is pumped up, excited, and motivated about making strides in their business. For those of you that missed this, you should've been here. It is so important to learn techniques to carry with you througout your business life.

One of the things we learned this weekend: delegate! I have a knack for jumping in and handling it all, and people know that I'm the one to come to for research, answers to remote questions, etc., and it's my nature to quickly either do the task or come back with a quick answer. I need to learn to delegate to take some of the pressure off myself, so I can concentrate on the bigger issues and bigger projects. If you keep doing the small things, you're never going to get to the big things, and the big things are what's going to bring in the big dough. Sound advice...lesson learned!

And Andrew is not dropping us like hot potatoes. We have formed what he calls a Mastermind Group. We have a group leader and we will schedule calls with our group so we stay in touch, keep informed, and help each other through this crazy entrepreneurial life we lead. We will also have conference calls with Andrew and all the Small Business Camp Network (graduates of the course). This is an awesome journey.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Small Business Camp with Andrew Morrison - February 23, 2008

In lieu of this evening's radio show, I am attending the Small Business Camp as we speak. This is an awesome experience that I've been wanting to do for quite some time. I finally got the opportunity to attend Andrew Morrison's Small Business Camp.

The event was to be held from last night, Friday, February, 22nd until Sunday, February, 24th, but due to the one of the worst blizzards of the season, last night's reception was cancelled and we met an hour late this morning at 10:00 a.m.

This is truly an honor. I have been listening to Andrew Morrison on NY radio every Monday as I was on my way to "the day job". It was the highlight of my Mondays and I was really disheartened when he was no longer on the air. So I sought him out by signing up to his Web site.

We are already learning so much. Andrew is teaching us to create a niche and make more money in the next 90 days, writing a blog, which I already have, financing your dreams, and how to maximize the profitability of your product. He has us all fired up with the 90-day marketing plan to jump start our business in order to make that $100,000 in no time.

We are definitely on our way with the tools he's given us today. We've learned how to acquire more customers, marketing skills and techniques, how to write sales letters and proposals to attract an important joint-venture partner, time management strategies to focus our time, how to delegate duties that will free us up from doing the smaller things so we can focus on the bigger projects that will bring in the big money, and techniques to expand and motivate a team.

I cannot wait for the rest of the lesson tomorrow. You all should aspire to grow your business and come out to learn some new tools to make more money. Dream big and execute!Visit Andrew Morrison's Small Business Camp: