Monday, April 20, 2009

Old Memories

My family is great for stories. My Granny used to tell all kinds of stories, and so do my Mum and Dad. I'm actually planning on writing a book about old memories.

Granny used to tell stories about her parents in Haiti and growing up in the Dominican Republic. Funny stories, scary stories, and stories about how she got her name from the Grandmother she was not too fond of, but ended up with that Grandmother's name, which Granny didn't like too much. My Great Grandfather, Granny's Dad, was a horse trader, and would go from island to island trading horses.

Mum tells stories about growing up in the Dominican Republic and St. Lucia, and about her parents (Granny and my Grandfather) in St. Lucia and Barbados and their travels moving from one country to another and then finally settling in Barbados. She tells stories about going by boat from one island to the next and being so seasick that she could not get off at some of the ports. She also crack my kids up with stories about Ossie Moore, a funny character (true or not) in Barbados.

Dad tells stories about his parents, and Great Grandmother and how hard his Dad was on him while growing up in Barbados.

I contribute my stories to my kids about the difference between growing up in Barbados and the United States -- how things were so different in either place. Some memories are the best that any child can imagine, and some memories (especially moving to the Northeastern US in the dead of Winter) were a little daunting. All these stories are what my daughter Krystina would call: a collaboration of the United Nations.

What stories do you have about great family memories?