Friday, November 19, 2010

If it Kills Me!

It is a tough thing for an entrepreneur to know when to stop working. Travel agents are a rare breed of the classic workaholic entrepreneur.

There are tons of emails in my inbox. It's the life of a travel agent. Emails from suppliers, magazines, travel email marketing companies, hotels, cruise lines, travel sales reps, and the list goes on. It's how travel agents get our information. Sometimes it's necessary and requested, other times it's not needed at all and unsolicited. 

There are Web sites that need to be maintained with updates and fresh content to be added. Clients that need to be looked after, handheld at times, and those looking for a travel agent's expertise. 

As travel agents, we tend to sometimes work from dust till dawn. It is a never-ending cycle. When most people are off for the day or the evening, a travel agent has just one more thing to do. We relish in our work. We'd be crazy not to love it. Hard work won't kill us (I think), but my goal is to slow down, take it easy, enjoy life, and have a blast while still getting the job done.