Thursday, January 3, 2013

Good things do come in threes - at least today

As I was telling you, I'm working on a fitness vacation called Soca Fitness Vacations. This one I'm creating on my own from start to finish.

Ok, so there is this saying that good things happen in threes. Who believes that mess anyway. I never really did. But today, I had three awesomely good things happen. So maybe I'm starting to believe this stuff.
  1. I hired a "Communications Manager" that writes the most awesome press releases. The woman is brilliant. She delivered a draft to me today that blew me away. I usually write these press releases myself (like I do with everything else), but I have been wanting to hire her for a very, very long time. I finally jumped the gun so that I can work on other things while the professional handled the job. Pleased is the word that comes to mine. I can't wait to get the word out and get this ball rolling.
  2. I received a reservation for Soca Fitness Vacations from...drum roll...LONDON! What a wonder. After inviting a yoga instructor who teaches at one of the most exclusive hotels in the Caribbbean to my fitness event, he asked to teach at mine. What!? I really, really never expected that. It was quite an honour, I must say. Hopefully we can work somethng out to mesh London and Barbados instructors. But, next thing I know, I'm getting reservations from London. I'm still shaking my head!
  3. Tonight I spoke to my marketing and PR person. Yes, I hired another professional to help me reach my goal of making Soca Fitness Vacations into something bigger than just another one-time trip. From the first few sentences, I knew my girl and I would work well together. I knew I hired the right person. She's smart, intelligent, and she knows marketing and PR. I expect good things from this one.
So those are my three great happenings for the day. Next time something good happens, I'm expecting two others to follow it. ;) Time will tell.


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